Below are useful biomass energy publications and biomass energy tax forms are available through the SC Department of Revenue.

South Carolina Biomass Council

The Clean Power Plan and Biomass in South Carolina (SCBC, September 2015)
Combined Heat and Power Technical Potential for South Carolina (SCBC, September 2015)
South Carolina Biomass Council Legislative Recommendations (SCBC, July 2010)
South Carolina Biomass Feedstock Processing Center (SCBC, June 2010)
South Carolina Biomass Council Final Policy Recommendations (SCBC, February 2007)

South Carolina Energy Office

Biomass Energy Users in South Carolina (SC Energy Office, Updated May 2010)
South Carolina Biomass Brief (SC Energy Office, Updated September 2010)
Biomass Energy Potential in South Carolina: A Conspectus of Relevant Information (SC Energy Office, Updated August 2008)
Bioenergy from Municipal Sludge Study Report (HSMM, December 2007)
An Assessment of the Restaurant Grease Collection and Rendering Industry in South Carolina (SC Energy Office, Updated September 2010)
Availability of Poultry Manure as a Potential Bio-Fuel Feedstock for Energy Production (SC Energy Office, September 2006)

South Carolina Forestry Commission

Assessing the Potential for Biomass Energy Development in South Carolina (Connor, Adams, Johnson, October 2009)
Potential for Biomass Energy Development in South Carolina (Robert Harris, September 2004)

South Carolina General Assembly

Strategic and Tactical Research on Energy Independence Commission (STREIC) Final Report - South Carolina's Strategic Energy Roadmap: Breaking the Dependence on Oil and Fueling the Future through Economic Development (STREIC, January 2007)

Other Publications

Update to the Biomass Crop Assistance Program - US Department of Agriculture, October 2010
Energy Efficiency in South Carolina - Report by GA Tech and Duke University
South Carolina Potential for Biofuels - Report by 25x'25 Alliance
South Carolina's Energy Future: Minding its Efficiency Resources - Report by the ACEEE
SC Bioenergy Fact Sheet - Report by the Southeast Agriculture and Forestry Energy Resources Alliance (SAFER)
SC Dependence on Coal Energy - Report by the Union of Concerned Sciences
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