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Atlantic Power Corporation- Quick Brief

Thursday, February 20, 2020 12:58 PM | Deleted user

In 2019, Atlantic Power Corporation acquired two wood-fueled biomass-to-energy operations in South Carolina. The purchase from EDF -Renewable Energy group included a facility in Dorchester County, and a nearly identical facility in Allendale County. EDF-RE was divesting of its biomass holdings to focus on its wind and solar portfolio, while Atlantic Power has a strong focus on biomass operations, as well as natural gas and hydro holdings. Forested timberlands occupy approximately two-thirds (12.3 million acres) of South Carolina’s land area, and timber is South Carolina’s largest cash crop. The two South Carolina plants are located in a well-developed wood products market.

The biomass-fueled facilities of Atlantic Power include eight plants in the US and Canada. The additional biomass plants are in Michigan (Cadillac and Grayling -30% owned); Ontario (Hearst); North Carolina (New Bern, 50% owned); Georgia (Barnesville) and British Columbia (Williams Lake). Production capability ranges from 20 to 66MW in size.

Atlantic Power is strategically sharing experience and resources among its biomass leadership and has emphasized the role of plant support with its headquarters staff, resulting in a lean and responsive corporate structure. For more information about this company, you may access the 2018 annual report here.

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