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About the South Carolina Biomass Council

On April 21st, 2006 the South Carolina Biomass Council (SCBC) held its inaugural meeting at the Capitol Center in downtown Columbia. Assembled by the South Carolina Energy Office (SCEO) to increase biomass energy and products in South Carolina, at the time forty members and nine SCEO staff comprised the council. Today the SCBC has over 60 members representing a broad range of biomass energy interests. The SCBC hosts quarterly meetings and events each year along with special tours and demonstrations to provide educational and networking opportunities to its members.

The SCBC works cooperatively with state legislators, biomass producers and users, and other stakeholders to increase awareness and use of biomass energy. South Carolina currently imports the majority of its energy resources and could greatly benefit from utilizing state-produced feedstocks.

The objective of the SCBC is to develop a long term strategy to make biomass energy a feasible utility-scale alternative to traditional power generation and traditional transportation fuels. In 2007, the SCBC created recommendations to enhance biomass utilization in and around the state and continues to promote those initial recommendations through on-going activities. Those recommendations were implemented through a series of incentives and regulations and continue to be the foundation for the strong bioenergy industry in the state.

Bioenergy is one of many sustainable and alternative energy options, but it will take strong state support, along with the encouragement of organizations such as the SCBC, to entice investment in new biomass projects across South Carolina.

SC Biomass Council Board of Directors

Mr. Ken Sheppard, Chair

American Forest Management

Mr. Tim Adams

SC Forestry Commission

Mr. Andy Horcher

Dept of Energy

Mr. Charlie Pierce
Atlantic Power

Ms. Elizabeth (Kress) Sullivan

retired-Santee Cooper

Ms. Anna DeLage Immediate Past Chair

SC Dept. of Commerce

Mr. Crad Jaynes, Past Chair

SC Timber Producers Association

Dr. Elise Fox,  Past Chair
Savannah River National Laboratory

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